The journey to the Shedtronic Workshop began over a number of conversations with @zebedeeomm about the creation of a shed server and the idea of creating a solar powered mesh network in garden sheds. It got me thinking about the modern shed being more than just a space to potter with grow plants, making things with woodwork or other craft based activities as enjoyable as this may be. What if the shed could be like a shed but more, a shed with electronics. From that moment on the idea of shedtronics was born.
This is not to say that this is any kind of new idea. If I look across from my garden right now, I can see at least one other shed with a ham radio enthusiast and a large transmitter attached. What’s the difference here? Since I thought about the term shedtronics, a whole maker movement has sprung up and there are maker spaces, hackspaces and fab labs everywhere.
Shedtronics is a term that could be used to describe the gathering of discarded materials and discarded electrical items and building something new from combining them.
I have an interest in how society discards materials and technology. There is so much that is sent away to be recycled every day that could be repurposed in some way. Think about how much we could learn from every piece of material, every component, every process.
So the Shedtronic Workshop is the beginning of a conversation and a journey about the relationship between materials and technology, oh and the fact that I don’t actually have a shed . . . yet. So this is also a journey towards an ideal Shedtronic Workshop.
I am not even sure yet what the focus of the that aim will be. I am ok with that. Lets see where this journey takes me.